About the Artist

Dr. Ron Masa

"Art is pure and intense play." (Machado)

About Ron Masa

Psychologist and artist, Dr. Ron Masa:

"I believe art is a hard earned gift from deep within us and to create art one must attune to the source of creativity itself, call that whatever you will. Art makes us as much as we make it. Art invites the soul to participate in outer life... for the soul is nourished by beauty. I hope to create images which touch that source within the viewer. "

Ron Masa's drawings and paintings are inspired by the magical beauty of animals and nature and also by intuitive images and creative imagination. His style is playful, mystical, colorful and evocative.

Ron drew and painted for many years as a sideline to his love of stone sculpting. He showed marble, bronze, and alabaster sculptures in a dozen galleries in California, Arizona and Colorado and at the Loveland Invitational Sculpture Exhibition (5 years). Now painting and drawing are Ron's central focus. He has been selling acrylic paintings, photography, and hand painted silk at galleries in northern California. He lives with his partner and fellow artist, Debbie Hart, near Santa Cruz, CA.


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